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Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 12 feb 2016 08:10 
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Joey schreef:
Hij doelt waarschijnlijk op het feit dat er alleen industrial hardcore releases tussen staan.

Daar doelde ik inderdaad op xd
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Enzyme 60 release maybe?
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Over dat Enzyme Elements:

Unity isn't always so easy to find these days, but in Hardcore, there is one record label that sat down together and created a concept that showcases just how tight and how strong one family unit can be, and for Enzyme Records, that concept is 'Enzyme Elements'. We are going to speak with record label boss Ruffneck to discover how this concept came about.

A new series is on its way from Enzyme Records called Enzyme Elements, what was the idea behind that concept?
During our last label meeting, we had an open discussion about creating a new concept. The entire group began throwing ideas out there, and discussing excitedly between them as to what it should be and at some point during the conversation it became clear that there was a need to have some sort of platform where all the separate elements of every artists style could be expressed together in one place - a sort of mini 'Gathering of Styles' combining all genres from Industrial to Mainstream to the downright weird and wonderful music that our artists produce. This way, we could show the outside world more frequently what the vision of Enzyme Records truly is - family, and for that family to contribute to the future of our scene by releasing their personal take on Hardcore to allow our scene to grow in its diversity. That's another thing we discussed, to not feel like they have to strive to follow in the footsteps of everyone else, to focus being themselves. After we established the idea, everyone started buzzing and someone shouted "elements"! We unanimously agreed almost instantly and so it was born - a name to express and showcase the individual building blocks of Enzyme Records.

A lot of changes have been happening at Enzyme Records recently, what exactly is going on?
We've been focusing on improving various aspects of Enzyme Records for quite some time now, and we are happy to announce that everything is going really well. We've streamlined every aspect of our business behind the scenes, we've taken on a new team member - Candace Giesbrecht who will be the Assistant Manager of the label focusing on branding and development, we've uploaded all of our releases to our official YouTube channel [] where you can also find individual playlists for each one of our artists, we have a brand new website for both Cardiac Music [] and Enzyme [], we've redone the web shop [], invested in new merchandise, long story short, we are on the up and up. Artistically speaking, we are focused on growing our roster and on motivating our artists to bring the old feeling of Enzyme Records back by being the unique, refreshing and talented artists that they are.

We've heard through the grapevine that there is some new Enzyme Records merchandise in production, is that true?
Yes, that is true. There are actually some plans to release some new limited edition merchandise. We have invested in some new flags for the festival season in a very small amount to satisfy the need of our loyal followers and we are also working on a new shirt. A lot more things are lined up for this year but we can’t spill to much of it yet hahaha. In short, yes there is some stuff happening behind the scenes, but that will slowly unfold in the nearby future.

What can we expect on the first edition of the brand new series?
You can expect three elements of the total enzyme spectrum. Not all of it, but just enough to make you curious for the next one which will appear shortly after this one.
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Zal het hier ook nog even melden voor de volledigheid :P

De Hardcore Track of the Year van 2015 is bekend! Nummer 1 en 2 zaten heel dicht bij elkaar, maar de winnaar is uiteindelijk geworden: Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Riders Of Retalitation (Dominator 2015 Anthem)! Met slechts één stem verschil is de tweede plek voor N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum.

01. Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Riders Of Retaliation (Dominator 2015 Anthem) [12]
02. N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum [11]
03. The Outside Agency - Prepare To Die [5]
03. Partyraiser & Destructive Tendencies - Sound Becomes One [5]
05. Wavolizer - Different Things [4]
05. Nosferatu - Sanctity Of Space [4]
07. Sei2ure - Peer Pressure [2]
07. Tha Playah & Promo ft. Snowflake - Down Below [2]
09. Fracture 4 - I Never Want To See Your Face Again VIP [1]
09. Hellfish - I’m Not Leaving [1]
09. The Outside Agency - Surreal (Wavolizer’s Unreal Remix) [1]
12. Sinister Souls & eRRe - Tuh Tuh Duh (Negative A Remix) [0]

Bedankt voor het stemmen!

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Heresy XV - Execution by Innominate

Coming Soon.
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Wie is/zijn dit?
@ 12:40 S.V.K. - MF Raw Core
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yowan schreef:
Wie is/zijn dit?
@ 12:40 S.V.K. - MF Raw Core

Sardinian Violence Kartel, Stel rare italianen ;)
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...Mindustries eindelijk weer eens met een vinyl release komt! En ook Deathmachine. Genosha 24 wordt remixen van Deathmachine (The Machinery Of Death), Detest (Hours & Dreams) en Fracture 4 (Hidden Strenghts)
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dave schreef:
Detest (Hours & Dreams

Hier ben ik echt heel erg benieuwd naar...

Die andere twee geloof ik wel, dat zal prima gaan.
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The Skribbler schreef:
dave schreef:
Detest (Hours & Dreams

Hier ben ik echt heel erg benieuwd naar...

Die andere twee geloof ik wel, dat zal prima gaan.

Hours & Dreams (30:25):

Machinery (45:45)
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'Machinery' klinkt igg wel tof. Origineel blijft wel baas. Hidden Strenghts zit nergens nog in een stetje zeker? Zal overigens de eerste keer wezen dat er maar 3 tracks op komen op een 12'' het is altijd 4 geweest. :oh:
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dave schreef:
Zal overigens de eerste keer wezen dat er maar 3 tracks op komen op een 12'' het is altijd 4 geweest. :oh:

Zal wel zijn omdat het een lange track is, zou me niet verbazen als de remix ook 8-11 minuten is.
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Lekkere teaser hoor qua kicks ook vrij veel variatie, altijd een erg energiek stijltje dat ik goed waarderen kan :)
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Outblast stopt ermee ... 15605346:0
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jeffrey2107 schreef:

Wil dat zeggen dat Korsakoff ook minder aanwezig gaat zijn :cry: :x :innocent:
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Detest schreef:

Detest - Deathmachine & I:Gor Official ✔
Detest - Tymon ✔
Detest - Miss Enemy EP ✔
Detest - Deterrent Man EP....
Detest - Andy The Core EP...
Detest - Dolphin Official EP...

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Hardcore top 100 2017
100. Bodyshock & Angerfist ft. MC Tha Watcher – Blood for Blood
99. DJ Mad Dog – XTC
98. Radical Redemption – Exorcism
97. Ophidian & Synapse – Inhuman
96. The Outside Agency – Locker Room Talk
95. Destructive Tendencies – It’s All About The Drop
94. Typherix – Viaduct
93. Tha Playah & E-Force ft. Nolz – Warfare (Official Airforce 2017 Anthem)
92. Dr. Peacock & Frenzy – Number One
91. The Satan – Fake Spirit
90. Dypax – Zultkoppen Koorts
89. The Playah – Controlled by Chaos
88. D-Fence – Biem!
87. DJ Paul Elstak – Helium
86. Angerfist – Necronomicon
85. Angerfist – Criminally Insane (Radical Redemption Remix)
84. Andy The Core – Undisputed
83. Nosferatu – Lived Again
82. Ophidian – Excalibur
81. Deadly Guns ft. Tha Watcher – Deadly Venoms (Official Snakepit 2017 Anthem)
80. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz – Kicks Out For Harambe
79. Outblast – Eardrumz (Partyraiser & Repix Remix)
78. Dr. Peacock – How Do You Do
77. Partyraiser & Hard Effectz – Bounce Like A Champ
76. Korsakoff – Tempest
75. AniMe – Liar
74. Angerfist & Tripped – Blaze
73. Dr. Peacock – Enough For The Future (Hyrule War Remix)
72. Angerfist & T-Junction – F@cking Wit Yo Head (Broken Minds Remix)
71. DRS vs Estasia – Dope
70. Angerfist & Radium – Just Like That
69. Angerfist – Off The Grid
68. D-Fence & Angernoizer – Breek De Tent Af
67. Dr. Peacock & Crypton – Trip to Austria
66. Angerfist – Stainless Steel (System Overload Remix)
65. DJ Mag Dog – Bring The Hardcore
64. Destructive Tendencies & D-Sturb – Full Tank
63. Broken Minds feat. Diesel – We Control Your Minds
62. Angerfist & Syco – Bassline Abuser
61. Partyraiser & Bulletproof – TNT
60. Sefa – Be Free
59. F.Noize vs. Anhatema – Get Down (Official F.Noize Solo Anthem)
58. Sefa & Crypton – Nobody Knows
57. Angerfist – Taking Charge
56. N-Vitral presents Bombsquad – Blow ‘M Up
55. Dr. Peacock – Muzika
54. Scarphase – Scarphase Bass
53. Angerfist & Dr. Peacock – Caveman (Nukem Remix)
52. Ophidian – Love is Digital
51. Angerfist – Black Hole
50. Tha Playah – Why So Serious? (Angerfist Remix)
49. Angerfist – Overdose Music
48. AniMe feat. Nolz – Superior Hardcore (Official Exodus 2017 anthem)
47. Nosferatu – And Died Again
46. Deadly Guns & Rebelion feat. Sovereign King – Power Of Truth
45. Omkara & FRX – Darkness All Around
44. Andy The Core – Kill Somebody
43. Sefa & Dr. Peacock – Flowing River
42. Radical Redemption & N-Vitral – Hover Through Hell
41. AniMe – Insane Hardcore
40. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Day Of Reckoning
39. Dr. Peacock & Hyrule War – Frenchcore Paradise
38. Destructive Tendencies – The Skull Dynasty (Masters of Hardcore 2017 anthem)
37. Angerfist – The Law
36. Penta – Filthy Fakkin Bass
35. Scarphase & Angernoizer feat. Tha Watcher – Chaos Of The Mayans
34. Sefa & Mr Ivex – LSD Problem
33. Sprinky – Still Waiting
32. Angerfist – Criminally Insane (Para Italia & Dr Peacock remix)
31. Angerfist – Crusader
30. Partyraiser & Angernoizer – Party Freaks feat. Rob Gee
29. Angerfist & Mad Dog – From The Ashes
28. Anime – Call My Name
27. Angerfist – Boomstick
26. Dr. Peacock & Sefa – Come On
25. Rooler & Sefa – Survive The Street
24. Furyan & Angerfist – Hoax
23. Dr. Peacock – Trip To The Highlands
22. Angerfist – Brainfail
21. Ophidian – Running On Empty
20. Dr. Peacock – Wake Up!
19. Partyraiser & Bulletproof – Kevlar
18. Angerfist – Still Pissin Razorbladez
17. Angernoizer feat. NSD – Execute
16. Angerfist – Pennywise
15. Penta – Bassdrop
14. Dr. Peacock feat. Da Mouth Of Madness – Frenchcore Worldwide
13. N-Vitral presents Bombsquad – Don’t Fuck With The Squad
12. Angerfist – The Promqueen’s Finest Drug
11. Mad Dog feat. Dave Revan – Maze Of Martyr (Dominator 2017 anthem)
10. Angerfist & I:Gor – Gangsterizm
9. Angerfist – Send Me To Hell
8. Bulletproof & Partyraiser – Monster
7. Angerfist & Ophidian – Nothing Is Real
6. Partyraiser & F.Noize – We Pep You Up!
5. Angerfist & Outblast feat. MC Tha Watcher – Die Hard
4. Miss K8 feat. Nolz – Resolute Power (Official Syndicate 2017 Anthem)
3. Miss K8 – St8ment
2. Angerfist feat. Nolz – Creed of Chaos (Official Anthem)
1. Partyraiser & Repix – Ode To The Godfather

Vet van de hoeveelheid Dr. Peacock en Sefa platen :thumbsup:
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