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Dag mensen

Hierbij een tutorial van mijn kant over het maken van (rawphoric) kicks. De projectfile vind je onder de video!

Free (rawphoric) kick project + Tutorial
Because I’ve learned a lot from communities like these I decided to give something back (also because I really like to educate people!). The project file I’m giving away is a (rawphoric) kick project which I tried to keep as simple as possible and along with that I’m releasing a video going a bit into what I did to create the kick. The kick is pretty basic but can be expanded easily to a really cool sounding kick.
The kickdrum in this project is made out of 4 layers, 3 required and 1 optional (a club kick layer to emphasize the lows in the punch)
1. Attack (Sylenth)
2. Punch (Kick2)
3. Tail (Noisecontrollers – So High Kick)
4. Club Kick

Plugins required;
Sylenth1, Kick2
Fabfilter Pro-Q 2/3, ValhallaRoom, Misstortion 2 (free), MAutoPitch (free), OTT (Free), Oxford Inflator.

The EQ settings are provided for Pro-Q 2 and Pro-Q 3. I’m not really sure if Oxford Inflator will work on other machines as it’s a bridged version (you can see the settings in the video so I think it’s not that much of an issue). I’ve included the bounced audio and stems from the instrument VST with and without effects so missing a VST isn’t that much of a problem. It also enables other DAW users to take a look at the layers.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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Ik zie deze nu pas. Je vindt zelden nog een goede tutorial in de producer's corner. Thx!
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