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Artiest: Pample'mouss

Track(s): Dreams


Bron: Facebook, SoundCloud

French DJ and producer Pample'mouss shows you a slightly different approach with these 2 mixes. A unique blend of classic Techno and Hard Trance topped of with dark acidic sounds and a hard driven kick and bass.

On remix duty we have Swedish producer ConnecteD! Expect massive kicks, energetic buildups and loads of atmosphere! A powerful reinterpretation that will satisfy the ones who are in for some faster beats.

Like it, share it and be part of a new reality! [ OUT SOON April 21st ]

Release Date: April 21st, 2017

HRR024 is supported by ADM, Ariel Beat, Cento, Cher [Country Club], Quinny, DJs Present, Danny Slade [VMM Magazine], Fausto, Faze 2, Hakka, Jake Ayres [Country Club], Jake Nicholls [Uprising], Jon Doe, Mark Roket [Friction], MissCreant, R.E.L.O.A.D, Remnis, The Sixth Sense, Stephen Hamlet [Country Club], Stu Grady, Tim Hidgem [Religion], Renegade System, XLS and many more.
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Die Nightmare remix :drool:
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Heel vet! Vind vooral die ConnecteD remix vet!
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