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Artiest: Bomfunk MC's

Track(s): Freestyler (Bazzleggerz Hardstyle bootleg)


In 2018 we were booked by Q-Dance to play at Defqon 1 Festival. Thinking it would be for a classic set, but to our surprise it was at the Indigo stage, which allowed us to play more recent tracks as well. We had not been producing new tracks for a while, so we did a few edits of our own tracks with different kicks and I also worked on this particular bootleg. I wasn't completely happy with it, so we didn't play it.

When the special Bazzleggerz set was announced, I re-opened the project and finished it, being much more happy with the result. Probably my favourite right now, as it has so many cool elements. Rewrote the lyrics to fit the hardstyle genre. Kick & bass, which is a combination of the kick in Chemistry of Sound (with The Machine) and a Vanguard VSTi bassline. Screeches from Destination Nowhere. Energetic leadsynth, based on the original track. One of the coolest things is the first kick during climax being lower than their followers, which brings a strange vibe to the track. It might need a bit getting used to, also because the original track is produced at a higher BPM, but I'm sure hardstyle fans will love this one.
Original track:
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Best een heel lekker plaatje :thumbsup:
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die oude AVIO sounds zijn geweldig.
Jammer dat ze zijn gestopt met produceren
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