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Geck-o & D00d/Wavolizer - TFC LIVE #05

We had so much fun playing 100% our own tracks, bootlegs and edits across all genres - for more than 4,5 hours! Thanks for tuning in (L)

Geck-o & D00d ft. Mesloes - Trick Me
D00d - In My Brain (Funky VIP)
Geck-o - Big Brother
D00d ft. Mesloes - Chew It
Audiofreq & Geck-o - Mutate
D00d - Don't Be Tempted
Geck-o - Okay One More (STOIK Remix)
D00d ft. Mesloes - Courage VIP
How To Be Invisible - Get Off
Geck-o - Straight From The Retrofuture
Geck-o - Numb
D00d & Geck-o - We Better Leave
Geck-o - Out Of This World
Geck-o - Suck The Speakers
Geck-o - Gathering
D00d - The Filthy Fifties (Shortcut Remaster)
Geck-o - Hit Me With Those Laser Beams (Frankie Goes VIP)
Geck-o - Once Upon A Time In The Feels (Centerfold Edition)
Geck-o - Technocity
D00d ft. Mesloes - Follow Your Taste (Geck-o Remix)
Geck-o - The Augmented Age
D00d & Geck-o - Two Deeper
Geck-o - Ehh Yeah
D00d - High Stakes
Geck-o - I'm On Fire ((DJ Medved's Tri Poloski VIP)
D00d - The Plot Thickens
Geck-o ft. Lapizuli - Watch Time Tick
OGP - What if (D00d Remake)
Geck-o - You're A Wizard, (Instrumental Mix)
Geck-o - Let's Talk About You
Geck-o - I'm With The Sirens
Geck-o - This Music is Illegal, You Are A Criminal (Busted @ 135BPM)
How To Be Invisible - Rogue Two
Geck-o - Soul Train (D00d & Chaos Collision VIP Remix)
Geck-o & Wavolizer - The Perfect Speedrun
Wavolizer - Crank Up
Mr Sam vs Human Resource - Dominator (Geck-o QULT Edit)
D00d ft. Mesloes - Darkness Delight (STOIK Remix)
w/ How To Be Invisible - Weapon
SCNTST - Murder (Geck-o Edit)
Geck-o - Wild Shit
Geck-o - Trance Legacy (Live @ Sensation 3001)
Hennes & Cold X Scot Project - The Second Trip (D00d Bootleg)
Geck-o - Snap 88
D00d - The Sexy Sixties (Subtle VIP)
Geck-o - Good Things Will Come
D00d & Geck-o - Musique Du Pomme
Geck-o ft. Erika - Together We Build The Future
Geck-o - The Word is Out
Geck-o & Wavolizer - Punk!
Geck-o & Wavolizer - Dat Tape
Geck-o - Tribal Dance (2016 Remaster)
Geck-o - Non-Stop (Doorpoffen)
Geck-o - Mister House
Wavolizer - Sympho
Geck-o - Sticky Disco
Wavolizer ft. Yuna-X - Retaliation (2014 Edit)
Geck-o - Dirty Lo-fi Hard Jazz
Wavolizer - Done
Geck-o - Jumpeng
Geck-o vs. Thera - Trespassing
Geck-o - Got To Have Bingo!
Geck-o - Invocation (The Great Gift Of Life)
Geck-o & D00d - Hallucinalien (Geck-o's Dark Psy Remix)
Wavolizer - ID
Geck-o - Never Forget (It's Raving Time)
Wavolizer - The Dub Elixir
D00d - Mm
Massive Attack - Teardrop (D00d Bootleg)
The Cat Empire - The Lost Song (D00d Bootleg)
Geck-o - Personality Test (D00d Remix VIP)
Geck-o - Shangri-La
D00d - Go Ask Alice
Geck-o - Dub The Speakers
D00d - Still Providin'
Geck-o - Kom Hierrr
Geck-o - Massage (Breaks VIP)
How To Be Invisible - Needs
How To Be Invisible - Retak
How To Be Invisible - Wisdom
How To Be Invisible - Gateway
How To Be Invisible - Eyes Dub
Geck-o - Bonjour (Original + Version Linéaire)
Geck-o ft. Mesloes - Close Your Eyes (Vocal Version)
Geck-o - Tripper (This Is The Key VIP)
Geck-o - Nightmare Trip Story
STOIK ft. Mxji - The Artist (D00d & Mesloes Remix)
Geck-o - Craving VIP
D00d - Infinity Climb
Geck-o & Wavolizer - Honey Pls (175 Edit)
D00d - Into Winning (Wavolizer Remix)
Geck-o - Space Out (Far Out Version)
Koarse & Wavolizer - Outer Space
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Hardtraxx Veteran
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Wat een vette mix zeg, al ben ik pas op de helft :thumbsup:
Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 26 mei 2021 22:45 
Hardtraxx Veteran
Avatar gebruiker

The Cat Empire - The Lost Song (D00d Bootleg) :worship:
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