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The Revolution EP (HRR017)

Label: Hyper Reality Records
WEB release: 15/12/2016

Aponaut - Our Future (Original Mix)
Dark Sector - Future Acid Techno (Original Mix)
Nostic - Gate 303 (Original Mix)
Renegade System - #hardtrancerevolution (The Anthem) (Original Mix)


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OUT NOW!!! HRR017 The Revolution EP
With tracks by Aponaut, Dark Sector, Nostic and Renegade System

There ain't no stopping us now. We gonna bring it to you loud and clear.
Hard Trance music is back on the rise. Let's revive the Hard Trance sound together!

So throw your fist up and join the Revolution!
It deserves our respect and admiration as a community, as music lovers and for the next generation.

We all know where we came from. The great revival is now!
Our Future is in our hands, the Revolution starts with you!

So stand up and make that difference!
Be part of a new reality and join the Hard Trance Revolution!

Like it, share it and be part of a new reality!

Release Date: December 15th, 2016

The EP has received support from all the top names in hard trance at the moment and received an amazing review in iDJ magazine

HRR017 is supported by ADM, Ariel Beat, Cento, Quinny, Cryptodome, Danny Slade [VMM Magazine], Dark Electric, Dave Spinout [High Fish], Dizmaster, Douglas [USA Trance Movement], FUA TraxX, Fausto, Faze 2, Hakka, Jake Ayres [Country Club], Jake Nicholls [Uprising], Johan @ DI.FM, Jon Doe, Justin Wakefield [German Trance], Keoni Mira, Locanda & Kuznetsow, Loki [Terminal Trax], Louk, Mark EG, Mike Steventon, Mindflux, MissCreant, Noizy Boy, Remnis, Sander, Side E-Fect, Stephen Hamlet [Country Club], Tim Hidgem [Religion], Renegade System, Trickydj [High Fish], Unit 13, XLS and many more.

Available in all major download shops, for example:


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Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 17-12-2016, 14:33 
Hardtraxx Veteran
Avatar gebruiker

Weer 4 zeer vette platen :loving:
Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 19-12-2016, 18:41 
Hardtraxx Addict
Avatar gebruiker

Fantastische release wederom! Gate 303 is een van mijn favoriete tracks van 2016! :love:
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