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Label: The Funky Cat
Spotify release: 24-09-2019
CD release: 28-09-2019
Bandcamp release: 30-09-2019
All other platforms release: 01-10-2019

STOIK presents 'ABSTRAKT', his debut album masterpiece. Our Austrian prodigy takes you in deep right from the first seconds till the last crackles, guiding you through his intense and unreal world of immersive art and wonderous beauty. Progressive beats carry psychedelic electronics, and tender vocals flow with the acoustic instruments. The soundscape is tweaked to perfection, showcasing STOIK's incredible production skills and ear for refinement.

Thirteen paintings are featured on the cover, each representing one album track. Our thanks go out to Inge Grund, Erika Walla, Sabrina Salzmann and Josef Lukaschek for providing their visual art as a perfect companion to the music.

01. STOIK - Lobau (ft. Mesloes)
02. STOIK - The Artist (ft. Mxji)
03. STOIK - Clandestine Ingredient (Album Version)
04. STOIK - An Undisturbed Mind (Album Version)
05. STOIK - 2091 (ft. Mxji)
06. STOIK - Je Ne Pense Qu'à Toi
07. STOIK - Die Kranke Puppe
08. STOIK - Into That Good Night (ft. Beniam)
09. STOIK - Stoned Ape Theory
10. STOIK - La Noche
11. STOIK - Ode to A.I.
12. STOIK - Die Kranke Puppe (D00d Remix)
13. STOIK - A Glimpse Of What I Unveiled

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Pre-order is nu beschikbaar via onze shop:
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Erg fan van STOIK, kan niet bij de release zijn, maar ga hem waarschijnlijk wel aanschaffen. Hopelijk word deze sound goed opgepikt!
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Eerste volledige preview (afgezien van de singles):

STOIK hooked up again with Mxji for "The Artist", one of our favorites from his upcoming debut album ABSTRAKT! (L)

This is why albums are such a good idea, at the same time challenging but also freeing artists to make something really special. We're pretty sure this one will never go out of your head once you've heard it... ;) Go pre-order that album!
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