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Sam Punk - Brain Blower E.P (FFDEP002)

Label: Forover Forward
WEB release: 2014-07-18

01. Brain Blower (Original Mix)
02. Hardtrance Bitch (Original Mix)
03. Hardtrance Bitch (Cognition Remix)

Samples: ... -p/1330809

Forever Forwards latest release is a tough EP from Sam Punk, and its not just hard trance, its some of the hardest trance you're likely to hear this year. Quite rightly, it goes by the name of 'Brain Blower'. The title track is the Maximum Acid Club Mix, an eye melting piece of underground artistry full of suspense and some roomy drums u just won't want to stop stomping too! Hard Trance Bitch is a real slap round the face, the drums are tight the synths are laden with attitude and that vocal will have u begging for forgiveness when the track drops. Cognitions remix of Hard Trance Bitch is rougher and darker on an almost techno vibe with some wicked tribal toms before the drop and an airy pulsing atmosphere bringing out the tracks more sinister
Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 21-07-2014, 18:14 
Hardtraxx Veteran

Brain Blower! Vette track.
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