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S.H.O.K.K. - Triple 7 (KSX135)

Label: D.H.T.
WEB release: 24/03/2014

Triple 7 - Original Mix (10:35)
Triple 7 - Space Raven Tracid Theory Remix (8:10)


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We are very excited & incredibly honoured to present this final release from a formidable force in hard trance S.H.O.K.K. This final curtain release from the pioneering force responsible for bringing us classic anthems such as 'Isn't it all a little strange ', First Impression, Folie A Deux, Altitude, Back To Earth and many more, is packed full of the trademark S.H.O.K.K sound, One that European hard trance fans have come to know & love over the last 15 years. Clocking in at over 10 minutes, Triple 7 is the final EVER release to mark the end of a golden era for the Swiss based producer and DJ Claudio Pettannice and what a way to finish!. As usual, emotive riffs, huge off beat bass & intricate hits & noises ride the mix forming a track that will almost certainly bring a tear to your eye when you realise this will be the last dance for S.H.O.K.K fans worldwide. With an extensive remix package to follow, the first stage release on D.H.T will not only feature the stunningly epic original but an equally exciting remix from the legendary DJ Space Raven. Nico has decided (we think) to pay homage to the mighty Tracid Traxx label and Kai Tracid sound with his aptly titled 'Tracid Theory Remix', as he reworks the original elements into the formula of German classics such as Too Many Times, Angel Of Death and Life Is Too Short. The end result is spectacular and should have all euro hard fans of old & new salivating beside the nearest speaker. Being such a special release for us, we wanted to get as many key names behind the project as possible and they don't come much bigger & bolder than award winning Welsh duo, Cally & Juice and Blue Soho resident artist Ahmed Romel. All non-hard trance tribute remixes will be released on Critical Uprising, ElecTrixNoize and Synergistic Fusion, with a final compilation release in May 2014.

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Aan de lengtes te zien heeft hij er ook nog eens werk van gemaakt! :D

Space Raven Tracid Theory Remix

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