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Liam Howells - Sensus (CMZH003)

Label: Compulzion Hard
WEB release: TBA

1. Sensus


Well it's been a while since the wicked Short Circuit by Jim Justice, but here we are with release number three, and this time it's by long time label hero Liam Howells. The welsh wunderkind needs no introduction as both his own name and Projekt Tek aliases have been smashing the world for years with some high quality releases left right and centre!

This particular track has been tearing up dancefloors all over Europe with many big name DJs and label favourites such as Uberdruck, myself and Jake Nicholls all caining it to name but a few! Taking all the glorious elements of hard trance and fusing it with some seriously chaotic techno percussion, this is ridiculously emotive and driving and still packs a modern punch with a hint to those golden tracks of yesterday!

DJ Support Already from: Scot Project ("Great old school hard trance... brings back memories :)" / Uberdruck / Side-E-Fect / Sam Jones / Chris Dynasty / Jake Nicholls / Fergus [Uprising/Vibealite] / Pete Kingwell
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Jaaa, lekker nummertje :loving:
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