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Hardforze Meets Matrix - Each Day (Ultraviolence Mix) (H.A.R.D.010)

Label: H.A.R.D.
WEB release: 28/05/2013

Each Day (Ultraviolence Mix) (5:47)

Samples: ... -a-r-d.mp3

Bron: ... 00645.html

Featured Track: Ultraviolence Mix

The sound of Ultraviolence is definitely known across the globe, with his hard sounding beats and killer sounds! This mix of EACH DAY has a killer bassline, and just wait until you get to the breakdown, lush pads and tight percussion breaks! MUST HAVE!

Track Information:

The second round of the REMIX EP from H.A.R.D. is totally EPIC! Showcasing the best of the best from H.A.R.D., the REMIX EP showcases a bunch of awesome talent! First up the sounds and skills of Ultraviolence, making a huge name for himself, this remix delivers, H.A.R.D. then welcomes Busho, this Komplete Power remix is a monster, moving along to the legendary Generator remix of Timeless and finishing with new comer MKN with his top notch remake of the track Fortune! Grab your full artwork now -
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