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Hardforze Meets Halu Suzuki - Drop It (DJ eM Mix) (Hard015)

Label: H.A.R.D.
WEB release: 17/12/2013

Drop It (DJ eM Mix) (6:00)


Bron: ... 39089.html

DJ eM, WOW, Drop It gets taken to another level, this tough little number has a wicked breakdown, then when it all kicks in, DJ eM brings the pain! This is outstanding work from DJ eM!

Track Information:

What a way to end the year, H.A.R.D.15, The Remix EP is here! First off SHOCK:FORCE brings the noise to the classic track by Hardforze & Kuruption Whisper, DJ eM definitely a standout on the EP, smashes a big remix of DROP IT, moving on for their first appearance on H.A.R.D. Dirty Harry & Costa Pantazis do a great rework of Excess. Last but not least, local Sydney legend Yoshi has been back in the studio, pushing out some new sounds and his UK Hard Trance touch, DIRT gets a complete makeover by the man! Once again H.A.R.D. are pushing the limits with their REMIX EP's! Grab your full artwork now -
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