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D10 - Fear The Dark (HRR011)

Label: Hyper Reality Records
WEB release: Donderdag 18 februari

D10 - Fear The Dark (Original Mix)
D10 - Fear The Dark (Dark Mix)
D10 - Fear The Dark (The Sixth Sense's Old School Treatment)


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We at Hyper Reality Records are glad to welcome a well known producer and DJ from England.
In his long career he made some real classics like his remix of 'Neon Lights - Not Over Yet' back in 2004 or 'Binary Harder' and many many more.
This will be his FINAL RELEASE. A real classic sounding Hard Trance masterpiece which comes in 2 different versions + 1 remix.
Please welcome D10!

Once again we had the privilege to have the remix made by The Sixth Sense. As he is good friends with Darren and already started with a remix we are happy to have his Old School Treatment which definitely adds an extra classic feeling to this release.

Enjoy this first preview, share it, like it and be part of a new reality!
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