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D00d - The Funky Dog Remix EP2 (CATID072)

Label: The Funky Cat
WEB release: 28-07-2020

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1. D00d ft. Mesloes - Follow Your Taste (Geck-o Remix)
2. D00d - Still Providin' (Chaos Collision Remix)
3. D00d - Polaroid (Tom Different Remix)
4. D00d - The Plot Thickens (Legit Kid Remix)
5. D00d ft. Mesloes - Follow Your Taste (Geck-o Remix - DJ Version)

EP2 features four more fantastic remixes of tracks from D00d's debut album 'The Funky Dog'.

Geck-o slows down 'Follow Your Taste' to 140 BPM, turning the already epic orginal into a whole new adventure. He takes its core message to the heart, and makes his signature Geck-o-twists-and-turns. D00d then pushes his own 'Still Providin' up to 172 BPM under his drum & bass moniker Chaos Collision, providing high energy, big fun and a little bonus at the end ;) Tom Different is determined to get your feet of the ground with his remix of 'Polaroid', good vibes only! Finally, we welcome Legit Kid to give 'The Plot Thickens' a bass house make-over. We can't wait till we hear this at a party...

Featuring artwork by Mesloes. Check out the original album if you haven't yet!


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