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D00d - The Funky Dog (ALBUM - CATLP005)

Label: The Funky Cat
WEB release: 03-03-2020
CD release: 29-02-2020 @ The Funky Cat #12

Brace yourselves for the totally unique, awesome, fun and utterly beautiful debut album from D00d. Let him take you on a very personal journey through the character of 'The Funky Dog', leading to complete surrender and embracing his unique flavour. May you find what you need in its story!

With over ten years of experience as a dj and producer - you might also know our Danish dude as Wavolizer - he has crafted his sound to perfection, and takes it to the next level for this true concept album. It's as much suited for big club sound systems as it is for the living room hi-fi experience, a sweet hammock-headphone combo, your bass-boosted ghetto blaster, or... well, you get the idea.

D00d challenges the listener with his many flavours and emotions, throwing big beat, hard dance and synthwave in the blender with bubblegum and a lot of bass. Most of the time it's so multi-genre it wouldn't make any sense to try and put the tracks into a box. So let's not do that. What we will do instead is press play, again and again, as we can't ever get enough of this masterpiece. Thank you, Kedde!

Featuring wonderful cover art by Mesloes, who has also contributed to many of the album tracks with her voice. The CD comes in a digipak case, and includes a booklet with lyrics and artworks.

01. The Funky Dog
02. The Filthy Fifties VIP
03. Musique Du Pomme (ft. Geck-o)
04. The Sexy Sixties
05. Polaroid
06. Still Providin'
07. Chew It (ft. Mesloes)
08. The Plot Thickens
09. Trick Me VIP (ft. Geck-o & Mesloes)
10. Perhaps Not At All
11. Darkness Delight (ft. Mesloes)
12. Follow Your Taste (ft. Mesloes)
13. Infinity Intermezzo
14. Infinity Climb
15. ... And Beyond


Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 19-02-2020, 17:18 
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Pre-order is nu beschikbaar via onze shop:

Daarnaast zijn ook alle andere items afgeprijsd :)
Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 20-02-2020, 10:43 
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Hyped as fuck. :yay:
Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 17-03-2020, 10:39 
Hardtraxx Elite
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Supervet album :)

The Filthy Fifties vond ik al ontzettend gaaf, deze VIP mix maakt 'm nog net wat fijner :loving:
Musique Du Pomme gaat ook niet vervelen.
Darkness Delight en ... And beyond zijn ook super vet. Veel drive, lekkere kicks, piano stukje ertussen maakt 't helemaal af. :worship:
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