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D00d - Super Special Edition (CATID080)

Label: The Funky Cat
WEB release: 18-12-2020

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1. D00d - In My Brain (Wavolizer's Silver VIP)
2. D00d ft. Mesloes - Darkness Delight VIP
3. D00d - The Provider (2020 Remaster)

'Tis the season, and the D00d is providing the presents. So put on your sunglasses and unpack this Super Special Edition! Inside you'll find three super special edits, like Wavolizer's hardcore boost of 'In My Brain', an extra dark VIP of album track 'Darkness Delight' and a powerful 2020 remaster of modern big beat classic 'The Provider'. Woah. Thanks D00d! We can't wait for the Ultra Extreme Special Edition tbh...

Samples: ... n-catid080

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