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Ash Preston - Extrema (TFR033)

Label: Tech Fu Recordings
WEB release: 18/12/2013

Extrema (8:27)
Extrema (Danny Williamson Remix) (6:37)


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Joining the Tech Fu ranks is Danny Williamson with his remix of Ash Preston's "Extrema". Taking things into a much heavier territory, Danny takes the heavy electro influenced bass and thump to the next level with some seriously face crunching feels. Stripped back but no less hard, your sub woofers will thank you!

Support from Fausto, Proteus, DJ Husband, DJ Desudo and more!

Proteus "Very nice release! Support!"

Fausto "Danny Williamson Remix is the one for me!!"

DJ Husband "FARRRRRRRKING BRILLIANT EP. Both tracks are sensational. Support from me"

DJ Desudo "Love both equally, Production quality, melody and energy is brilliant. Best release on Tech Fu for a while. Will support both"
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