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We are back with another edition of The Dark Chronicles Series. It's up to our mix master from the east to make your speakers blow with this insane mix. It's dark, it's rough... Downtempo at it's finest folks. Just the way we like it! :bomb:
Part 178 - brought to you by the one and only Intervention Dj! Make us proud and play it fucking loud. :love:

1. Armageddon Project - Phatom 00
2. Catscan - Exploded Vain
3. Tripped - 909PM
4. 14Anger & Dep Affect - Fire On The Inside
5. Synpaste Memories - Harsh Program
6. KRTM & The Panacea - Pqtmdy3xuhasz3d
7. Endymion - Failure (Meagashira Remix)
8. Somniac One - Thunderbone's Revenge
9. Mad Dog & Promo - The Realness
10.14Anger ft Dep Affect - Dumpster Death Dance
11.Strange Arrival - Misty Meance
12.Dj Lem-X - Madness War
13.Dj Tieum - Programmed To Hate
14.Rude Awakening - Mutiny
15.Adamant Scream - Uncreate The Damned
16.Psyco Killers - Evil
17.Dj Inyoung & Dj Diehard - Gibberish
18.The Outside Agency - The Othercide
19.Nexes & Nosferatu - Welcome To Nexes
20.Katharsys - Dirty Like A French Man (Wavolizer Remix)
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