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The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Purge The Unbelievers (MOD29)

Label: Monsters Of Doomcore
WEB release: 14/08/2022

1.Beyond The Veil 04:31
2.Treshold Of Pain 04:10
3.Kabbalah Only Works With Complex Numbers 05:10
4.Cut The Cranck 04:11
5.Eye Of The Storm 04:16
6.Proton Decay 04:32
7.Paladin 03:59
8.Tyrannosaurus Rex 04:46
9.Telling Strangers 04:21
10.Purge The Unbelievers 04:05

Bron: ... nbelievers

The 29th album of The Peoples Republic Of Europe is here. Easily one of the most productive bands in the industrial scene delivers ten tracks ranging from Rhythmnic noise to industrial techno to hardtechno to industrial hardcore.

Harsh beats, threatening atmospheres, machine like grooves and abrassive rhytmns. Almost no melodies, not a shred of positivity. Pure mayhem.

Recorded, mixed, produces and mastered in the Rotterdoom Research facility.
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