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Sound Abuse - Feverish Dreams (DD13084)


Label: Dark. Descent.
WEB release: 01/06/2017

1. Sound Abuse - Feverish Dreams
2. Sound Abuse - The Speakerfuck Called Life (The Relic Remix)
3.The Relic & Sound Abuse - When We Are Miserable (remastered)

After releases under their Electronic Mind Expansion moniker and a string of remixes, the Cardella brothers are back with their main outlet Sound Abuse.

One new (title) track, a remix for the 2011 hit „The Speakerfuck Called Life“ by The Relic and a newly mastered version of their psychic collaboration from the „Bunker II Type 625B" album - all three cuts seamlessly blend into a feverish dream of 18 minutes.

DD13084 is arguably the strange Dark. Descent. idea of a release for the summer season: Hurrying 150bpm kicks and goose bump melodic fragments clash with the industrialist’s choice of noisy flavors and eerie samples. The effects of sound abuse, feel the elevated temperature!



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Die Speakerfucked Called Of Life is echt fucking dik :D
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