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Nonexistent - Blender EP (OBLIVION005)

Label: Oblivion Underground
WEB release: 07-12-2016

01. Nonexistent - Blender
02. Nonexistent - Rebellious & Close To Death


Bron: Oblivion facebook.
Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 04-12-2016, 17:39 
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Nieuw alias van Switch Technique blijkbaar. Vette shit :thumbsup:
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Dan wordt onder de naam 'Nonexistent' zijn hardcore producties, want onder de naam Switch Technique gaat hij vanaf heden alleen nog maar DnB produceren.

Blender is een leuke track, maar zou willen dat hij wat meer de langzamere kant op zou gaan, want dat horen we maar weinig. Misschien in de toekomst.

Nonexistent - also known as Switch Technique - brings 2 tracks of high-tech energy to Oblivion Underground.

- "Blender" runs at 175bpm and whisks your mind into confusion, as it serves up plenty of sick edits and twisted rave synths.
- "Rebellious & Close 2 Death" is a heavy 200bpm destroyer with attitude, throwing kicks and snares at you relentlessy until you almost can't take any more.

This debut release obliterates you from every angle, and has already caused major carnage on many dancefloors. Showing equal production prowess, whether at 175bpm or 200bpm, this new alias is no holds barred and straight to the point... Pure hardcore energy!ยป
Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 07-12-2016, 17:16 
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Volledige previews toegevoegd. Rebellious & Close To Death :drool: :drool:
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