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Marc Acardipane - One Love, Hardcore (PP025)

Label: Planet Phuture
WEB release: 16/12/2022

1. feat. The Ultimate MC - One Love, Hardcore (Original Mix) 05:29
2. Tainted Blood (Original Mix) 06:23
3. Impending Doom (Original Mix) 05:37
4. feat. Sissel Wincent - Speakers Pop (Original Mix)
5. feat. Dj Mad Dog - Reboot The Phuture (Original Mix)
6. The House Of E (Original Mix)
7. feat. The Ultimate MC - Mortal Souls (Original Mix)
8. feat. Dj Rob, Mc Joe, The Ultimate MC - Oldschool Gangsters Theme (Original Mix)


Bron: ... e-hardcore

If one name resonates more than any other within the thirty years plus of hardcore music’s roller coasting history, it is definitely Marc Acardipane’s. The Godfather of Hardcore as he’s so often - and justifiably - called, has never stopped pushing the boundaries of what hardcore was, is and shall be, intimately weaving his initials along that of the genre’s absolute highs through countless seminal releases as The Mover, Mescalinum United, Pilldriver, Rave Creator, Marshall Masters, Cyborg Unknown, Nasty Django and a myriad more.

Today, the Frankfurt-born wizard returns in business with his longed-for new album, and an ode to the genre that he shaped as much as it shaped him, “One Love, Hardcore”. Comprising eight cuts that tell Marc’s unparalleled journey via an explosive bouquet of head-banging, knee-buckling warehouse blends branded with the beast’s number, Acardipane’s new album is everything you’d expect it to be: a martial smorgasbord of gabber bone-crushers and delirium-inducing machine talk bound to hijack your brain cells, as well as an inch-perfectly engineered piece of floor-busting sound-design.

There echoes Marc’s ever fascinating slackline-dancing between rugged-as-F grooves and a silk hand for crafting time-withstanding background memories, the very reason of being of the hardcore sound - forever tied with the ravers’ overflow of live energy, but ever so rarely convincingly translated through studio compositions. ‘’One Love, Hardcore” is just that: the purest adrenaline rush and an impressive memo that hardcore’s number one hall-of-famer has set his claws too deep in the crown for anyone to claim anytime soon. Bold statement, but hey, it’s what it’s about really. Everything in this album screams hardcore royalty.

Not quite ready to get buried away with a bunch of homage compilations by his side, Acardipane pulls out the big guns for what is a textbook hardcore masterclass. Thru and thru, the demented pulse of a thousand ravers' hearts flows unhindered, devotedly wild, like a call to sync our mental spaces and free ourselves from society’s ever-shrinking lanes and normative bullshit for good. A gusty slap in the face, salutary for sure, and yet another splendid climax in Acardipane’s unrelenting ascension towards absolute hardcore-life everlasting.
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