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10 CLS (aka Ophidian) - RUN (ADMECH005)

Label: Advancing Mechanism
WEB release: 03/08/2022

01. Screen 0
02. Headless
03. Screen 9
04. Dreaming
05. Fireflies
06. CHR$(27)
07. KL1358
08. Microwave Sky
09. Regen
10. Hologram
11. Metropolis
12. System



Ophidian schreef:
Hi everybody, I've got some music news for you today.
Very soon I will be launching a new project called "10 CLS". The first release will be an album called "RUN" which will be available digitally, as well as on CD.
This will not be a Hardcore record, but rather more experimental, ranging from dreamy Slowcore, to electronic soundscapes and offbeat Techno, and other styles in between.
I've been sitting on this album for a while, but until now I've been too preoccupied with other projects to give this alias a proper launch. Most of the tracks were written during the process of recording my last Hardcore album "Call of the Void", whenever I needed a break from the schedule to let go and do something different.
If all of this sounds like something you might be into, be sure to check it out. More uploads coming very soon. Thanks! Conrad/Ophidian
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Microwave Sky :loving: :loving:

Hier nog een preview van Screen 9
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Ja, dit is grandioos. Microwave Sky doet me aan Embrionyc denken (en dat kan alleen maar positief zijn).
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