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Track(s): Geck-O - Tribal Dance (2016 Remaster)



Geck-O schreef:
Tribal Dance is one of my favorite productions, it has such a unique vibe. Over time, some little things started to bother me tho. So I decided to polish it up, and call it a remaster :)

I retuned the kick, and adjusted the distribution in the low frequencies, making it more subtle. Refined the timbre of some of the instruments, and tweaked some automations. Added a little movement in some percussion elements. But overall, the track still stands as it was. Just better, imo ;)

The original was released on the Theracords label, back in 2013.

Be sure to follow my music platform @the-funky-cat :)

Hit that free download button and share the joy!
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:clap: Heldenplaat (origineel dan, kan deze nu niet luisteren)

Aan het downloaden :)
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