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Jump 2 Skool (Lesson 1) with Pat B


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It’s come to my attention that kids these days don’t know their classics! Some boys & girls are unaware of the fact that jump & tek goes back more then 10 years! There is no need to keep living in the past… But come on people! This is a shame because there are so much fantastic records created in the past which made the style to what it is today! But do not fear present jumpers & tekkers… Teacher Pat B is here for some musical education!

Every month you can sign up (even advanced jumpers off course) for a lesson in History with some of the best retro and classics in the mix. Belgian 1998 stuff, 2000 American UC, 2003 french tek, 2006 dutch jumpstyle. You get it all! The hits, the b-sides, the forgotten tracks… Jump 2 Skool brings you up to speed!

Every month there’s a little quiz just to see if you paid “attention” during class! Submit your answer to [email protected] with subject Jump 2 Skool! After 6 lessons there will be a grand prize winner! The prize!?!? Eternal fame….. and a private Jump 2 Skool DJ Set by Pat B at your home/party! Yes yes, we provide the sound system and the music at your home party!

This month’s Quiz:

1) Mark V & Poogie Bear are from which country?
2) Which 2 DJ’s worked together a lot but are with solo tracks in this mix?
3) Name one of the other tracks produced by Totaltion?


Mark V & Poogie Bear - War
Da Rick - Confusion
Westside - Big ass booty
Funny F - Funky
Time Warp - Hurricane strike
Billy Bob - Billy Bob
Cisco Kid - Pizzaman
Tropicana feat DJ Bart - Things to Come
Fiocco - The Crowd Is Moving
Da Boy Tommy - Little Dicks
DJ Frantz - Black soul
Bad Girl - Something else
Dave Davis - Transfiguration (lethal mg remix)
DJ Stone - Bigger and harder
DJ Francois - Orcheal
DJ Furax - Hard 69
Totalition - the rythm
DJ Greg C - Mezzo Carbo
Dark System - Let none survive
El parentado's - Trompetia
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Hardtraxx Addict
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Jezus christus wat een herrie
Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 23 jan 2012 12:15 
Hardtraxx Elite
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Kan ik het jump/tektopic lijkt me. Zitten wel toffe oudere platen bij! :)
Ongelezen bericht Geplaatst op 04 feb 2012 23:25 
Hardtraxx Addict

Einde van de mix lekker oude site klappers!

De vragen zijn trouwens wel makkelijk :)
1. Amerika
2. da boy tommy & da rick
3. Otherside, eragnics, deep sounds, etc.
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