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Kairo Kingdom Guest Mix

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1. Dog Blood - Middle Finger
2. Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers
3. Kairo Kingdom - Crazy Rock
4. Kairo Kingdom - Fantom Flash
5. Excision - Sexism (Far Too Loud Remix)
6. AU5 - The Seahorse (VIP Mix)
7. Kezwik feat. Mimi Page - Let Go (Kairo Kingdom Remix)
8. Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas feat. Iggy Azalea - Beat Down
9. Knife Party feat. Mr. Jam - Sleaze
10. Kairo Kingdom - Get Down
11. Kairo Kingdom - The Sound Of Now
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What is Glitch Hop really? Is it an electronic genre? Is it a type of production technique? Is it spiderman house? The question circulates around the music scene all the time but one thing is for certain: our German friends Kairo Kingdom know how to rock a house (or a mix) with their Glitch. Whether it’s incorporated into pumping Electro bangers that get your juices flowin or a grimy Break-Dub-steppy kind of production that makes you want to take a shower after you’ve finished breakdancing in the crowd, their sound is becoming a signature model for Glitch-Hop. So, we decided why not have the duo make a guest mix?

Thankfully, Kairo Kingdom answered our calls. The result was a guest mix that speaks to all levels of Electro, Dub, Breaks, Moombahton and of course, the ever-elusive Glitch-Hop. Starting out with the famed track “Middle Finger” from the Skrillex & Boys Noize combination Dog Blood, the German duo shifts the mood from break-tastic beats to melodic Electro with Deadmau5′s Professional Griefers. As we’re relaxing a bit while Professional Griefers slowly fades into Kairo Kingdom’s Glitch anthem “Crazy Rock”, we’re soon hit hard by some anthemic pulsing Glitchy-Electro from god knows where. Far Too Loud’s dark remix of Excision’s “Sexism” comes next and as glitchy, dubby and sexy as it is, AU5′s Seehorse makes you take a step back to ponder life as deep harmonious bells ring throughout the atmosphere. When it drops, prepare to be engulfed in the flames of Dub at it’s best, but brace yourself for Mimi Page’s beautiful entrancing voice in Kairo Kingdom’s remix of Kezwik’s “Let Go”. Next, Mimi’s voice starts to fade away and we’re brought back to the sounds of breaks and Moombahton with Steve Aoki and Iggy Azalea’s “Beat Down”, ending with Mr. Jam’s voice layered on top of Beat Down’s drumbeat. Promptly, Knife Party’s track “Sleaze” makes us jump around like little kids until we come full circle with Kairo Kingdom‘s signature Glitchy sound in “Get Down” and “The Sound of Now”.

Glitch Hop? :P

Dit zijn trouwens ASYS en Dominique van Kamui.
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Sommige tracks pakken me wat meer dan de andere, maar ik kan het wel waarderen. Niet iets wat ik vaker zou beluisteren.

AU5 - The Seahorse (VIP Mix) :drool:
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4. ID - ID


4. Kairo Kingdom - Fantom Flash

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Kairo Kingdom. :worship:

Gouden gozers!
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00:00 MSD - I Feel You (Bluescreens Remix) [Prime Dub]
04:56 Locust - You Don't Know (feat. MC Flax) [Abducted Records]
08:38 Disprove - Doublespeak [Ammunition Recordings]
10:06 Bustre - Digitaal [Free DL]
11:37 Yanntek - Elevation (feat. Alkimia) [Ammunition Recordings]
14:24 Prysm - New Beginnings [Free DL]

17:20 Kairo Kingdom - One Two [Simplify Recordings]
19:43 Kairo Kingdom - Get Down [Simplify Recordings]
22:43 Kairo Kingdom - The Sound Of Now (Going Quantum Exclusive Mix) [Mau5trap]
25:43 Kairo Kingdom - Don't Feed The Troll [Play Me Records]
27:39 Moonbeam - The Flight (Kairo Kingdom Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
31:32 Kezwik ft. Mimi Page - Let Go (Kairo Kingdom Remix) [Simplify Recordings]
35:23 Gold Top - Uh Oh [Dirty Duck Audio]
38:03 Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct [Monstercat]
41:24 Kairo Kingdom - Dead Sound [Free Download]
44:23 Krewella - Come And Get It (Kairo Kingdom Remix) [TBA]

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