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The new Nutty Traxx site has been built to unite DJ's, Producers, Labels, Event Organisers and fans of Underground
music. You can now get Nutty Traxx releases before they're available in stores and we also have a dedicated production tools section.

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Hardtraxx Veteran

Okay, let's be honest.

We , or at least some of us, like your music.
We wished that you would have had more bookings here.
But you are not fortunate enough to get alot of bookings over here in the Netherlands.
Okay, that can happen right?

Now your next move is to open up a community that has a similar name like this one, the one you are using now and have been using for quite some time. Why do you think we will transfer to your community, and why would we even want that to?

It doesn't make sense for me at this point and I don't think a lot of people here are going to like this move you just did.

Also I think this post is deleted by the end of the morning. But I hope to read your answers before that happens.
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Nutty Traxx has been going for a very long time our main label has been running since 2005 and has nothing to do with Hardtraxx it was by no means to stop on the Hardtraxx forums toes, that's just our name.

I did have a Label community back in 2005 but then updated all the labels site and closed it down in about 2008. I just thought it would be good to start a new one like I had back in the day up again and build a nice community like we once had it was by no means as big as Hardtraxx but we did manage to have about 1500 members on our last community board. I just had no time to maintain it. I'm not saying transfer by any means just thought it would interest some people so people can work together and network.

As I say it's not to step on anyone's toes it's just a forum that specialises in not just the hard stuff.
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Hardtraxx Crew
Avatar gebruiker

Advertenties, promotionele teksten en links voor producten, diensten of websites worden niet gewaardeerd op de gehele website. Wil je toch adverteren neem dan contact met ons op via de Contact link rechtsboven de website.

Teksten, topics en berichten die te promotioneel van aard zijn worden gewijzigd/verwijderd en/of worden doorverwezen naar onze advertentie mogelijkheden.

This is seen as advertising, so I'm closing the topic. :)
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