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Dark Impact Records proudly presents:
Raoul and IS:ΣNÐ Remix Contest

Our chiefs gives out samples for remixing
some of their best tunes out previously on DIR.
Best remixes will be featured in next Dark Impact releases,
may also on CDs (depends on materials we will receive).
Have fun with, we are eager to listen your works.

All Dark Core/Techno based genres are allowed,
Drum & Bass and Dubstep-ish as well.
No Mainstyle please.

*Deadline: 1st October 2022 at 23:59

SEND YOUR REMIX: [email protected]

RAOUL PACK: ... LsQ2Xko_wE

Samples/Stems available:
Raoul: Always In The Hell, I Wanna Be Your Bitch, Insane.
IS:ΣNÐ: Nightmare's Control, Offline Detection, Delay At Least.

*Send files in lossless format 44.1khz / 24 or 32bit / stereo.
*Only mixdown pre-master version (no limiter, compression or clipping on master bus).
*Name your track as: "Artist Name-Track Name (Artist Remix)".
*Head "Dark Impact Records Remix Contest" as mail title.
*Insert your mail and social contacts as well.
*Use Wetransfer for sending.
*Mastering will be provided by our official service SM Audio Labs.
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> laytne < schreef:
No Mainstyle please.

What about Nustyle?
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