About Hardtraxx

Discover new and community curated tracks from your favorite hardstyle, hardcore and hard dance artists.

Community curated music

We believe in the power of a community to curate good music. And based on that principle we provide a new way to discover music. This way the community itself provides you with new tracks to discover.

Music and artists you like, no clutter

No need to follow different channels to know about new music from your favorite artists. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify... It's too much. Hardtraxx is your new single point of source.

Discover new music

Music is everywhere. Hardtraxx is a community that keeps track of the latest music in the hard dance scene. Discover new music from your favorite artists.

Follow your favorite artists

Want to know when your favorite artists made a new track? We got you covered. Follow your favorite artists and you'll receive a notification when there's new music.

Discuss and review music

Let the artist know how you feel about his track and discuss it with the community. Artists are eager to hear what you think of the music they make.

Preview unreleased music

Artists usually take tracks for a test spin or let you preview it upfront. The community has you covered and shares these latest tracks.

Release alerts

We have listened to artists and DJ's. Receive release notifications from your favorite artists as soon a track gets released, so you can download your high quality mp3 at your favorite download store.

Hero Contributers

Because Hardtraxx is a community driven website, we value any contribution to the platform. Adding tracks, previews, writing reviews, provide the correct information the tracks etc... Hero Contributers are the heart of Hardtraxx.

Showcasing our Hero Contributers is a way to say thank you to these people. Hardtraxx automatically detects Hero Contributers based on a carefully created algorithm.

Thank you contributers! ❤️

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